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I’m jayachandra B

WordPress developer and designer

Name: Jayachandra

Date of Birth: 21/03/1991

Address: Rome, Italy

Phone: +39 3921114566


After graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Engineering Degree, I spent the last six years working both as a freelance web developer and designer and as part of a team in various companies across India & Europe.

My skills have enabled me to achieve great results!

Just having strong knowledge on technical skills is not enough to build any web or mobile application. It is also required a person who can understand your business well and suggest you best way to implement your application which can full fill all your business requirements.



My designs are responsive, unique and I strive to delight my clients whilst providing engaging user experiences that help achieve…

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Highly motivated people don‘t leave things up to chance. Planning allows people to get things done faster and better. Highly motivated…

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Punctuality is a habit of attending a task on time. In a wider sense, it’s a habit of doing things…

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I am a cool guy, you already know it !

  • Professional web designer for nearly 3+ years! Freelance web and application developer for more than 1. I’ve been doing this for long enough to understand what you and your team need. Mostly that comes down to you needing someone to rely on that can manage your website and ensure it portrays your business in an accurate manner. I speak your language and get that you’re busy focussing on running your business to have to worry about image compression, web optimization and how many keywords there are on a page. I look at myself as an extension of your team whether that be for a new marketing initiative you’re launching or for implementing a complete redesign (or new design) of your website.

    My job is to try to understand your business the best I can and implement an online strategy that works for you; this may come in the form of a simple recommendation or a fully fledged launch strategy. Since becoming a freelance web designer I have worked with over 30 businesses to improve their online presence.  I understand that your website is important to your business and in many cases, it’s the shop window to a lot of companies. That’s why I take pride in my work and ensure that your online image is one that reflects your physical business. I’m dedicated to delivering robust, engaging websites and applications that work across all devices.

    Jayachandra, WordPress developer, and designer